The Uprising

February  11, 2023

Curator's statement

L’art pour l’art” or “art for art’s sake” is an understanding of the purpose of art today, it is not as widely accepted as it was in the past. Many artists still strongly promote the idea that whatever an artist produces is in fact art and does not have to be explained or questioned to find a deeper meaning. Young artists and their admirers share the feeling that art for art’s sake is not enough. Art, they argue, should stand for something: to give life a meaning; to express their opinion; to use their creativity and talent to change public opinion or even start a revolution. The Uprising focuses on the revolution and rebelling of artists with the political and social forces.

Blaise’s revolution involves the creation of colorful mosaic like Acrylic paintings on canvas. The images he paints explore relationships between us as humans interaction as constituted groups or as individuals. He also examines our relationship with the environment (the earth) as our home and dwelling  place. Noticing that these relationships are not always ideal and that consequences arise when we act inappropriately, Blaise examines themes on Climate Change and Global warming, Environment, Socio-political themes, Economy, Race,
Migration and Refugee crises, Gender, Religion, war, terrorism, commentary on current events and more.

Placing human beings at the center of all these themes and understanding that it is how we relate and act towards each other as individuals or as constituted groups and how we relate and act towards the environment that the global problems mankind faces arise. King Ereso’s works capture the beauty in physical expression, self-realization, emotions, fashion and his journey
to self-discovery. He is a versatile artist who is comfortable with his expression in diverse media for a vibrant expressive creativity. 

The Lagos based artist who’s works frequently resonates with deep appreciation for hope, dreams, epiphany, realization and strength. In this exhibition, he continues his R.E.D (Realizing Every
Dream) series which is focused on different moments of his personal experiences.

Ike Sandra

Gallery statement

Alexis galleries begins the calendar year with a Duo exhibition of emerging artists.Foremost, this is one of the most exciting and colorful exhibitions Alexis galleries is showing.

The exhibition theme The Uprising says a lot about the works of two talented
artists, whose engaging works arouse very deep thoughts and emotions. It is my firm belief that the works featured are carefully selected too.

It is not by accident that these artists with captivating works are coming together to exhibit with us. Blaise Vernyuy and King Ereso have both had their retrospective exhibitions here in 2022 and they’ll be showing again with philosophical viewpoints that is influenced by their personal experiences respectively.

The Uprising, is an exhibition of works that shows the revolution in young artists in the art industry. As a Gallery, we believe in promoting and giving both established and upcoming artists the chance to showcase their works, express themselves, their style and continue to support them, not only getting their works exhibited in our space but also grow their careers and position ourselves through platforms that shape and imitate conversation on happenings in our immediate and our distant environment.


Patty Chidiac Mastrogiannis

Founder, Alexis Galleries.