La Floraison, Bloom 3 (Group Exhibition)

Nov 13, 2021

Alexis Galleries is pleased to show the third edition of La Floraison, Bloom. An exhibition by Masters, in different specializations of visual art. The gallery presents the intriguing works of Abiodun Olaku, Sam Ovraiti. Bunmi Babatunde, Duke Asidere, Tola Wewe, Dominique Zinkpe, Diseye Tantua, Alex Nwokolo, Ato Arinze, Gerry Nnnubia, Gab Awusa, Fidelis Eze Odogwu, John Oyedemi, Reuben Ugbeine, Segun Aiyesan, Wallace Ejoh, Zinno Orara, Sam Ebohon, Joshua Nmesirionye, Joe Essien, and Abraham Uyovbisere.

Each artist to exhibit what is defined as good and aesthetically pleasing works, working in a wide range of materials and styles. These artists have endured over the years, becoming successful executors of techniques, styles and, material exploration. Mastering technique that has given them the freedom to express themselves, as well as bringing out the accurate visual effects in their creations.

The Gallery recognizes the importance of keeping up with what is contemporary as well as what is acceptable or recognized in the art world, as a master artist does not become a master by sticking to the status quo, hence her effort to constantly showcase the new and the now of reputable masters, which in turn has shown so much growth in the aesthetic value over the years.

The consistency in Bloom exhibition every year since its birth in 2018 shows the effectiveness and the need for such showcase in the contemporary art space.

La Floraison, Bloom 3 is the celebration of hope. The Creativity that sets our gaze on the possibilities of a well-structured society where positive unpredictability abounds. It is general knowledge that artists create works of surrounding activities and events. That is why the works created for this edition of La Floraison, Bloom 3 are themed from happenings in the country and the world at large. The artists have shared their views on the happenings around the world in the earthy and brightest of colours, in abstracted forms as well as in realistic expressions with an accurate amount of aesthetic value.

The art of today reflects on society and the issues that concern a larger contextual framework. The works on view are clearly the master’s ways of creatively contributing and tackling the ills of the society and the world at large but most importantly taking us away from the façade, painting a picture of hope and giving clarity to the fact that unpredictability abounds!

We are pleased to also announce that the gallery will be partnering with The Bricon Foundation, an NGO that supports patients and their families battling with cancer through counseling, education, and advocacy, and assistance with sourcing funds for treatment, by donating part of the exhibition proceeds to its course.

Feel free and experience the stunning works of these superior intellects. Welcome to La Floraison Bloom 3!


Patty Chidiac-Mastrogiannis
Curator, Alexis Galleries,
November 2020.