Cuboid by Samuel Tete – Katchan

Nov 13, 2021

Alexis Galleries is pleased to present works by Samuel Tete – Katchan Titled Cuboid. 

Samuel Tete- Katchan is an artist who has embedded these essential attributes in his work. He understands his medium and technique and has made its implementation succumb to his artistic whims.

Samuel Tete- Katchan has unapologetically earned the title ‘the cubist’ with his prolific approach in rendering his forms in geometrical forms, figures that tend to breathe life, hope, and the tendency to love. Figures that have imaginative interrogation of human activities, creating synergy between life, nature, and the supernatural.Tete loves the staggering in defective sizes, yet artistic style only he can achieve or justify. Shapes that are bold, gestural with expressive colours. They reveal the physical, mental, and erratic relationship with their selected audience. His themes vacillate with the humanistic issues of life.

Samuel Tete is a friend, and very much familiar with the gallery through several joint exhibitions and residency programs. He has exhibited severally at the gallery and is never new in her art space.

Samuel was born in Togo and currently resides in Accra Ghana. He is a cultural agent, who has used his art profession on numerous occasions as an opportunity for social development by working on various art projects having a direct impact on communities. He carried out several assignments, public Art Projects in cage coast (Ghana) in collaboration with ICOMOS international and students of the University of Virginia (USA)

Cuboid is a solo exhibition by Samuel Tete- Katchan of works that will transcend you to his world, his creative hub, his shapes and colours, and their aesthetic appeal in all glory!

We are pleased to announce that the gallery will be adopting Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria, the Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria is a non-governmental and non-profit-making organization dedicated to the proper care and control of Sickle Cell disorder in Nigeria by donating to its course.


Patty Chidiac- Mastrogiannis,