Timi Kakandar


Timi kakandar began his creative career soon after graduating from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria in 1999. He uses painting, drawing, and collage to explore his fascination with the human form in relationship to the challenges, joy, and social-political issues that emanate from living and working within the African space. His work exudes a profound intensity of bright raw colours and gestural lines that infuse a presence which powerfully engage the viewer. Timi reveals deftness in the composition of human forms with dramatic colours reminiscent of Fauvism. He is one of Nigeria’s prolific contemporary artists with a keen following internationally and in his native country. Timi’s repertoire is widely collected globally. In over 2 decades of his studio practice, he has had 5 Solo Exhibitions and over 30 group Exhibitions within and beyond the shores of Nigeria. He lives and works in Lagos, he is a staunch member of the Society Of Nigerian Artists (SNA) Lagos Chapter.

Timi Kakandar's works