Samuel Tete-Katchan

TOGO. 1975

Samuel Tete- Katchan was born in 1975 in Togo and currently resides in Accra, his secondary school in 1997, he worked at the studio of Mr. Joseph Amedokpo, studying and developing his own style from the ‘Oshogbo Art’ from the south West of Nigeria. One year later, he started exhibiting his paintings. He attended the instituto Rural de Arte Hosz del Jucar (Albacete in Spain) in 2007. Samuel Tete-Katchan, cultural agent, graphic designer and painter by profession has had on numerous occasions the opportunity to use Art as a medium for social development by working on various art projects having a direct impact on communities. He carried out several assignments on Public Art Projects in Cape Coast (Ghana) in collaboration with ICOMOS International and students of University of Virginia (USA) He is the Director and Co-founder of Accra Center for Contemporary Art (ACCArt), a Non Profitable Organization. And has been representing ACCArt at various ART TALK programs and has made presentations on various topics such as ‘African Traditional Art’, ‘Naïve Art’, and ‘The Influence of Traditional Art in African Contemporary Art ’,‘ African Contemporary Art and Recycling Art. As consultant, he advises artists and a number of cultural institutes in Ghana and Togo. He is on Board of Culture and Member of the Committee of French Cultural Center Alliance Francaise of Accra. Samuel Tete- Katchan exhibited his paintings in Africa, Europe and USA. And his works had been sold in several autions.

Samuel Tete-Katchan's works