Moussa Issarou

B. Cameroon

Moussa Issarou is a Cameroonian painter who grew up watching and observing elders who sewed and made shoes in his community. Seeing his interest in this direction, his father thereafter pushed him to artistic creations such as drawing, screen printing and calligraphy and promised to enroll him in an art school, which did not exist in his city. After his secondary school, he enrolled in French Modern Letters and then, Plastic Arts. Moussa has showcased his works on platforms like the Yelwata Maroua Festival, 2017, the 2020 Cultural Return, and also the International Visual Art Colloquium “Arts and Emergence in Africa” ​​where he was awarded the first position. He was awarded the regional winner of the Young Hopes Competition organized by Doual’Art in June 2021.

Moussa Issarou's works