Edgar Imomoh


Edgar Imomoh wanted to study Art at Auchi Polytechnic, but his father didn’t approve of it, so he ended up in the School of Environmental Studies where he obtained a national diploma in Building Technology, yet he was a partial student at the Auchi School of Arts and Design by association. “That school, to preface correctly, was the bedrock for my artistic standard,” he tells Daily Sun in a chat. He went on to be immersed in the Ife Art School, “which wasn’t a bad school.” Imomoh is a firm believer in virtual opportunities for the artist since Coronavirus impacted the world. “The only constant thing in Virtual is (has been) the new normal; I think the pandemic just sort of lifted off the lid completely for us to embrace ourselves just as we are, as social beings clamouring for connections it was still deemed as pivotal to find a place of convergence and live our normal lives, despite the restrictions of the lockdown. It’s really been tremendous, most especially in a clime that makes a lot of difficulty for start-ups, where you are expected to tender ten years working experience to get a small job, while you are just looking to work to garner experiences for yourself.

Edgar Imomoh's works