Damilola Moses Opedun


There is a silent prayer on the lips of many; it is the line in The Lord’s prayer- thy will be done on earth as it is in the heavens. We crave a semblance of perfection, a kind of utopia on earth, yet our delirious actions prove contrary. An instance is our interpersonal relationships as a people. Our race relations and tolerance have been on the burner of political dialogues across the board; we pay it lips service and wonder what other measures we can employ to encourage peaceful coexistence. Africans are taking the reins of their identity and consolidating on the totems that define their point of view on life and communal living. It is also important to empathize with the western populace who has been taught through indoctrination that the black race is inferior and their race is the thoroughbred. No, we are the same. We share the sweetness of breath and liquid red blood. However, in this body of work, I aim to remind the viewer of the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself, and art is one means to reinforce the equality of privileges and existence. I have chosen the classic fashion of Western Europeans because of the shock value it will add to the portraits. This era points back to the historical past when colonization and oppression from the western world happened. The big idea in this series is for the western viewer to see the African in classic Western European fashion and feel a connection and recognition of sameness. The choice of garb serves as a mediating motif and a hand of camaraderie between the races. This body of work tries to simulate the instant connection we feel when we realize someone shares our name, interest, values, and culture. I believe that even for a moment if a viewer can recognize the sameness we share, we would have experienced the kingdom of Heaven.

Damilola Moses Opedun's works