Chika Idu

Nigerian .

Chika Idu, is a multi-media artist of Nigerian origin , he is an established artists who has practiced his craft professionally for over two decades, he has a rare gift of mastery for any he medium he chooses to work with, this is evidence in his watercolors, Acrylics, drawings, collages, oils and several sculpture mediums. He approaches his paintings from an observers narrative, as if recording an ongoing dialogue and inviting viewer participation.  He sees his works as an extension of his voice. His paintings are drawn from the relationships between children and women on one side as against norms drawn from a societal, religious, cultural and traditional believes system where the male is the dominant figure. His painting style and techniques varies with the medium he chooses to work with, according to him, he gets bored with conventional methods and materials so he challenges himself with every medium to discover a new approach, method and style of medium handling/manipulation. This approach of material rediscovery has led Chika to the creation and mastery of different and unique styles and techniques for each medium he works with. Chika Idu came under international spotlight after being mentioned in two continents as an artist to watch out for.

Chika Idu's works