Afeez Adetunji

Nigerian .

Afeez Adetunji was born in Lagos in 1986. He is from Ede Local Gorvernment, Osun state. He is a self- taught artist. Learning from other talented artists has been part of his training and development. He was born in a slum but didn’t let it define him. He started creating art at the age of ten where he picked objects to create something out of trash, which served as petty job for him to build himself as an artist and later began to experiment with traditional painting. Adetunji trained under the watchful eyes of Donald Onuoha as an apprentice at Signature Beyond Gallery from 2003- 2007. After which he became a full time studio artist in a private studio in Lagos till date. He works on canvas and wood. His woodworks are exceptional as he infuses recycled materials to create unique expressions. So is his colour application on the wood panel to give a sense of contemporary to the ancie

Afeez Adetunji's works